Sunday, July 15, 2007

TV, Eh? podcast 07/07: Reality TV, Our Hero, Jackson Davies of The Beachcombers, and more

It's a packed podcast at 40 minutes, with interviews, DVD reviews, and chatter about Canadian shows on right now. Segment start times are approximate:
  • I chat with fan and industry insider Caroline from A Place Called Say It, Say It, Say It about reality television - first up, Superstar Chef Challenge and The Scoop
  • (Start time: 5:55) Writer Denis McGrath from Dead Things on Sticks gives us a DVD review of Our Hero
  • (Start time: 12:00) Caroline talks about From the Ground Up
  • (Start time: 15:15) Webmaster Patrick Allec from TV Archive interviews Jackson Davies of The Beachcombers, and gives us the scoop on the 35th anniversary celebrations (check out Friends of the Beachcombers on Facebook)
  • (Start time: 24:06) Caroline and I mock Canadian Idol and its executive producer John Brunton a little
  • (Start time: 27:32) Writer Alex Epstein from Complications Ensue presents a lovely justification for supporting Canadian content
  • (Start time: 34:00) Jennifer Smith from Runesmith's Canadian Content talks about why she values Canadian content as an audience member and taxpayer
  • (Start time: 38:15) Caroline narrowly avoids mocking me about my current obsession with Canada's Next Top Model - we're picking Rebecca to win
The theme music is from "Quarter to Eight," a podcast safe track by Sweet Japonic.

Check out the TV, Eh? site for information on Canadian television shows, with links to articles plus scheduling information and network media releases. E-mail Diane with suggestions and information.

Listen to the TV, Eh? podcast: July 2007