Sunday, April 27, 2008

TV, eh? podcast 04/27/08: X-Weighted, Rent-a-Goalie,

  • At the top of the show: X-Weighted contestant Gaia joined us to talk about her experience on the Slice network’s weight-loss reality show.
  • 15 minutes past the hour: Christopher Bolton, creator and star of Showcase’s Rent-a-Goalie, talked about the upcoming season and the season one DVD release in conversation with Denis McGrath.
  • 50 minutes past the hour: Accessibility advocate Joe Clark chatted about his recently launched website,, which takes aim at crappy closed captioning.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

TV, eh? podcast 04/20/08: Robson Arms, TV on the web, Bill C-10

  • Robson Arms co-creators Susin Neilsen and Gary Harvey [about 10 minutes in]
  • Technogeek Steve Wild, on tv on the web [about 35 minutes in]
  • Screenwriter/journalist Mark Leiren-Young will report on Bill C-10 (see his The Tyee article on appearing before the Senate about the controversial legislation) [about 50 minutes in]